Fujiyama is capable and happy to accommodate catering and group pricing for events and outings. Whether it’s a holiday party, corporate event, wedding reception, shower, anniversary, or birthday party, we can deliver our authentic cuisine to your event. Please see our pricing and available packages below.

Delivery Free

  • Within a 20 mile radius of Fujiyama $20
  • Beyond a 20 mile radius of Fujiyama $1.50 per mile round trip

Half Tray Serves Approximately 10-15 People

Full Tray Serves Approximately 20-25 People


Tempura Vegetable$1.25 each / choice
Harumaki Roll$1.25 each
Crab Cheese Wonton$1.50 each
Coconut Shrimp$1.50 each
Gyoza$0.85 each
Shrimp Shumai$0.85 each
Buffalo Chicken Wings$1.25 each
Steak Skewers$2.00 each


Fuji Garden SaladHalf Tray: $25Full Tray: $50
DressingPint: $5Quart: $10­­

Party Tray

Hibachi ChickenHalf Tray: $75Full Tray: $145
Hibachi SteakHalf Tray: $95Full Tray: $185
Hibachi ShrimpHalf Tray: $95Full Tray: $190
General Tso ChickenHalf Tray: $75Full Tray: $140
Orange ChickenHalf Tray: $75Full Tray: $140
Sesame ChickenHalf Tray: $75Full Tray: $140
Broccoli ChickenHalf Tray: $60Full Tray: $110
Teriyaki ChickenHalf Tray: $75Full Tray: $140
Hibachi VegetableHalf Tray: $40Full Tray: $80
Fried RiceHalf Tray: $40Full Tray: $80
White RiceHalf Tray: $35Full Tray: $70
NoodlesHalf Tray: $40Full Tray: $80
Veggie Snack TrayHalf Tray: $30Full Tray: $60

Sushi Rolls

Special Rolls (5-10 Servings)
Pick any 7 Special Rolls
Signature Rolls
Pick any 6 Signature Rolls


Cheesecake8 cut: $4016 cut: $40
Cheesecake w/ Fresh Strawberries8 cut: $4016 cut: $40
Tiramisu20 cut: $6040 cut: $60


For questions regarding our catering and group rates, please feel free to call us at

304-250-0288 (Beckley)

304-872-0333 (Summersville)