1. Harumaki Roll


Deep Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls

2 Crab Cheese Wonton$5.50

Cream Cheese and Crab Meat, Deep Fried

3 Edamame$5.00

Steamed Green Soybeans

4 Gyoza (6)$5.50

Pan Fried Japanese Shrimp Dumpling

5 Beef Negimaki$8.50

Scallion Wrapped in Thinly Sliced Beef with Teriyaki Sauce

6 Coconut Shrimp (5)$8.50

Flaked Coconut Lightly Deep Fried

7 Shrimp Shumai (8)$8.50

Deep Fried Japanese Shrimp Dumpling

8 Steak Skewer (5)$9.50

5 NY Strip Skewers, Grilled, House Marinade Sauce

9 Fuji Wings5 pc. $7.50 | 10 pc. $13.50

House Marinade Sauce, Grilled

10 Appetizer Sampler$13.00

2 Wonton, 2 Spring Roll, 2 Gyoza, 2 Shuma0


11 Vegetable Tempura$7.00

Broccoli, Carrot, Zucchini, Onion and Sweet Potato

12 Calamari Tempura$8.00

Lightly Fried Squid

13 Shrimp Tempura and Vegetable (2)$8.50

Battered, Lightly Fried Shrimp with Tempura Vegetables

14 Soft Shell Crab$9.50

Lightly Fried Crab (In Shell)

15 Oyster Tempura$8.50

Fresh Oyster Lightly Fried with Tempura Sauce

16 Shrimp Tempura (4)$9.00

Battered, Lightly Fried Shrimp

Sushi Appetizer

17 Nori Salad $5.00
Assortment of Seaweed with Sesame Sauce
18 Kanisu $5.00
Crab Meat, Masago & Cucumber Served with Spicy Mayo
19 Calamari Salad $8.00
20 Seafood Salad $9.00
Raw Fish, Avocado Mixed with Spicy Mayo and Ponzu Sauce
21 Dinosaur Egg $10.00
Spicy Crab wrapped in Avocado topped with Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce & tempura flake
22 Tuna Tataki $10.00
Seared Fresh Tuna Thinly Sliced with Ponzu Sauce
24 Tuna Avocado Salad $12.95
Seared Tuna Mixed with Avocado and a Fresh Green Salad, Served with Ponzu Sauce