About Us

Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant provides Beckley and Summersville with authentic Japanese cuisine, a hibachi grill, and sushi bar. Our philosophy is to provide the area with a quality dining experience that will leave an impression long after leaving our restaurant. As a result, we have a steadfast commitment to great food, service, and atmosphere.

Here at Fujiyama, we believe our food should satisfy all your senses. That is why we prepare our food with great care and ensure that it is beautifully presented for each of our customers. We guarantee that the freshest ingredients are combined together in a way that will please your eyes, as well as your taste buds.

Fujiyama’s Master Chefs perform theatrical shows and skillfully prepare our food right before your eyes. We also can accommodate guests who prefer a more traditional setting, offering a more laid back experience. Our committed crew is dedicated to serving the finest sushi, cocktails, and authentic Japanese dishes in the Beckley and Summersville areas.